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Andreas Mylonas’ interview by European Times

13 октября 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Managing Director Mr. Andreas Mylonas has been interviewed by The European Times. Also, he has been included in the sector of Finance and Consulting of The European Times.

The European Times as the bridge between European entrepreneurs and political personalities and the rest of the business world, reaches close to half a million decision-makers and opinion leaders of top enterprises in Europe as well as the European Union Parliament members.

The European Times refer to our law firm as a different Kind of Law Firm, providing Personalised Legal Services for Doing Business in Cyprus and Greece, by giving a brief overview on the services which are served by the firm, recognitions and the appropriate legal regime and economic headquarter of Cyprus. “We are more than just a traditional law firm, we think differently, we are innovative, problem solvers but most of all we are great listeners”, Managing Director Andreas Mylonas says. “What differentiates us from other firms is that: we provide personalized services for high-end clients, Mr. Andreas Mylonas mentioned.

It is a great honor for AMG MYLONAS & ASSOCIATES, LLC to be recognized by a reputable and independent agency as The European times.

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