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9th Meeting of the Preparatory Committee — Unified Patent Court

On the 5th of May the Preparatory Committee held its 9th meeting. It was hosted by Luxembourg in the premises of its permanent representation to the European Union. The meeting opened with the good news from the European Court of Justice’s judgements on the EU´s patent regulations. The Committee then continued its business with several important topics. First and foremost the Committee agreed on a consultation document for the court fees and the recoverable costs. A written consultation process will be launched on Friday 8 May 2015 and users will have 12 weeks to give their feedback on the consultation.  Separately, the Committee discussed how to launch the provisional application of parts of the UPC Agreement needed to secure a smooth transition into the operational phase.  It made substantial progress in building consensus around a text to this effect.

There was broad agreement on the substantive text on the Rules of the Patent Litigation Certificate and it is expected the Committee will be able to close its deliberation on this subject by means of a written procedure.  With great satisfaction the Committee took note of the successful completion of the first two modules for the training of the judges. The training will now continue with internships in Europe’s most specialised patent courts.

The next meeting of the Committee will be held on the 10th of July.

Source: www.unified-patent-court.org