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Our law firm Mylonas Law offers its clients’ a tailored all-inclusive service to Relocate their Business to Cyprus, a Growing Tech Hub and Business Center within the EU.

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When it comes to choosing the right location to establish international and regional headquarters, Cyprus is increasingly gaining momentum as a prime contender in the minds of decision makers of tech multinationals. Strategically located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus is a modern EU member-state, of faring international businesses the ideal environment to set-up, grow and prosper.

Wide access to markets, strong economic growth, a pro-business environment, tech-savvy talent, low operating costs, and a number of incentives, including a competitive IP regime, are only a few of the reasons why Cyprus is one of the top headquartering jurisdictions. As a thriving international community, the island is home to a number of global ICT companies, using the island as a hub for software development, system integration, testing services, disaster recovery, research & development activities, project management, and marketing & sales, while servicing clients in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and beyond.

Cyprus has long-established a strong reputation as an attractive relocation destination.

What we can Do for You

Mylonas Law provides support and advice during the planning set-up phase and throughout the operation and running of the company. In addition to helping, you establish and grow your business, we also aim at helping expats and their families with relocation and living aspects, such as administrative procedures, housing, education, and job seeking.

  • Geostrategic location offering market access to 500m EU consumers and close proximity to MENA.
  • Fast Track Mechanism for Licensing & Immigration for non-EU nationals
  • Access to tech-savvy EU talent pool and a well-educated, highly skilled, multilingual workforce
  • Attractive and transparent EU-approved corporate tax environment with favorable IP regime as low as 2.5%
  • Low cost of doing business for high-quality professional services.
  • Pro-business attitude, strong regulatory framework, legal system aligned to the UK common law.
  • Special income tax incentives for expat executives and new tax residents of Cyprus
  • Profits from trading in qualifying “titles” (e.g., shares, bonds, debentures) exempt from tax
  • Dividend income generally exempt from tax.
  • No WHT on payments to non-Cyprus or non-domiciled Cyprus tax residents
  • High quality of life for expats and their families
  • Enviable lifestyle in a safe, clean and healthy environment with high living standards
  • A cosmopolitan island with a great lifestyle
  • Ranked as the 5th safest country in the world.


Cyprus has long-established a strong reputation as an attractive relocation destination.

Offering quality healthcare and education facilities, modern housing and a much lower cost of living than many other EU countries, Cyprus allows expats and their families to enjoy a high quality of life in a safe and welcoming society, harmoniously blending traditional and contemporary elements.


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