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The AMG Mylonas Law team can carry out the registration of your offshore company in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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Offshore Companies are businesses that have been registered, established, or incorporated outside of the country of residence.

Using our extensive professional contacts, we can provide offshore company formation at a competitive price in virtually all foreign jurisdictions. Through our network of trusted and experienced associates, AMG Mylonas & Associates LLC acts as a "one-stop-shop," for offshore company registration. Extending outside the Cyprus jurisdiction, we incorporate and manage offshore companies, trusts and foundations for clients who request a centralized control over their international tax structures and meet our clients’ specific objectives. Our law firm is your aid during the incorporation process. We prepare all the required documents, such as bank account opening applications and property transactions that are needed to complete the company's registration.

The UK, UAE, the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Hong Kong, Marshall Islands, Liberia, and Mauritius are some of the offshore jurisdictions we can provide to our clientele.

Offshore and low tax jurisdictions offer excellent possibilities to boost the profitability of your business legally. The professional approach of our employees to tax planning allows for exploitation of advantageous legislation varying across countries, depending on the specifics of your company’s activities. Being our client, you can optimize the taxation burden on your company while preserving the necessary confidentiality.

Some traditional offshore centers have evolved into dynamic, tax neutral international centers with highly developed financial markets and expertise. Other traditional offshore centers have diversified and developed robust products to strengthen their use in international structuring. Several conventional onshore centers have sought to compete by introducing competitive domestic taxation for international businesses and competitive double taxation agreements. A careful blend of these often provides our clients with tremendous opportunities in international structuring.

Offshore structures are legal tools with which you can optimize your business and tax payments. Corporations and individuals utilize offshore companies for various reasons: Manage Risks, Maintain Privacy, Avoid Bureaucracy, Reduce Tax Burden, Protect Assets, Reduce Costs, and to Enhance Assets. The reasons for going offshore also include Access to International Tax Treaties, Security of Property Rights, Free Remittance of Capital and Profits, Enhanced Banking Privacy, Foreign Insurance Products, Political Stability, Availability of sophisticated Banking Facilities and Financial Instruments, Customs and Duty Exemptions.

Tax Planning and Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization is an instrument for economically active taxpayers who are ready to consider any legally available means to enhance the effectiveness of their business and increase profits.

Today, many presentable companies use offshores. Many of them have a purpose of tax optimization; however, offshore businesses possess many other advantages:
  • Complete financial confidentiality.
  • Low taxation in the country, simple registration procedure and subsequent maintenance of the company.
  • Absence of inheritance duty.
  • Protection against inflation.
  • Limitation of legal liability.
  • Reduction of management expenses.
  • Admission, support and subsidy assistance by local government and local authorities.
  • Absence of monetary exchange control.
  • Owners and directors’ data are not subject to publicity and stay confidential.
  • Availability of banking services and world level investment management.
  • Easy access to main markets of North America and Europe.
  • No international commercial tariff.
  • Asset protection


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