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Our Law Firm’s corporate services are designed to meet the needs of today's international business community. We believe in new, innovative, proactive, and efficient structures and methods. Our skilled team will accelerate the incorporation process, while managing to maintain the quality of service that we are known for and yet providing the most value for money for each of our clients.

Integrated professional services


Nominee Shareholder

Nominee companies or nominee individuals may hold shares for the sole benefit of the ultimate beneficial shareholders.

Consequentially, the Trust Deeds is signed by both the nominee shareholder and actual owner to completely safeguard their interests and confirm the terms and conditions of their cooperation. The primary purpose of the Nominee Service is to ensure the maximum degree of confidentiality and security and to protect the identity of our valued customers, ensuring their anonymity and utmost privacy. The Nominee Shareholder appears in all the corporate documents, as the registered shareholder of the company, and protects the ultimate beneficial owner of the Company. Provided Nominees are not entitled to manage the Company; we can assure you that our Nominee Service will deliver the privacy you desire.


Professional directors

Our firm can recommend to our clients local Directors with high level of expertise in the management of companies in the fields of Business administration, management and taxation.

There is no legal requirement that a private company should have more than one director or that the company should have local directors. However, for a number of reasons (safeguarding the management and control of the company for tax purposes in Cyprus and the smooth running of the company here), local directors or alternates are appointed.

We can assure that by acting as a company director, we can provide the level of expertise and independence that is necessary for the decision-making on each occasion.

We actively participate in management boards with the support of all the external advisers involved in the management of the company, and we contribute our inputs and responses to the agendas presented at board meetings.



With the help of our trusted fiduciary partners, we can provide the required secretarial services to our clients that allow them to operate according to statutory requirements, comply with the local authorities and process their corporate records.

We assist our clients with the standard administrative and legal procedures, such as the preparation and monitoring of:

  • Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Management of the board of Directors
  • Ensuring all statutory returns and fees are submitted within the required deadlines
  • Arranging and attending board meetings and taking minutes
  • Preparing and circulating board meeting briefing documents
  • All corporate compliance and correspondence
  • Preparation and management of data rooms for due diligence purposes

Deciding on what kind of entity to establish in each jurisdiction can be challenging. Our client services team, which consists of people of multiple professional backgrounds, including law, tax, and accounting, can facilitate and implement solutions ranging from the simplest single entity vehicle to the most complex cross border structures, both offshore and onshore.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is an essential stage in the preparation of a company’s annual accounts. Our experienced staff and associate accountants are qualified in analyzing complex legal and administrative documents and recording them appropriately in the company's books.

  • Maintenance of proper accounting and related records of any major currency– Including the keeping of accounting records according to the International Accounting Standards in the appropriate functional currency.
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts and other reports– Upon the request of the company’s management, we may prepare regular summary accounts (income statement, balance sheet, and related notes) as well as any customized reports that address specific needs.
  • Assistance in the preparation of financial statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or other Accounting Principles– including financial statements based on unique reporting standards where required.
  • Provision of advice on accounting matters – Where the appropriate accounting treatment of specific transactions is not evident, we may assist by advising clients in understanding such transactions and applying the most appropriate accounting principle.
  • Issuance of sales invoices – This includes publishing OR issuing commercial or proforma sales invoices based on instructions received from our clients, and distributing such invoices according to our clients’ directions, as well as recording such invoices in the accounting records of the business.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations – We may assist in preparing bank reconciliations and bank movement reports and analysis for specific periods.


Redomiciliation of companies in and out of Cyprus

Cyprus law provides for the redomiciliation of companies, through a transfer of their registered office, both in and out of Cyprus, a valuable tool for companies wishing to change the jurisdiction under whose laws they are registered or incorporated, while maintaining the same legal identity.


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