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At Mylonas law firm we work closely with international clients to give them all-inclusive corporate services that help offshore companies wishing to locate in Cyprus to get established quickly but also operate lawfully.

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In today’s increasingly global economy, AMG Mylonas Law provides companies with the services they need to do business, not only throughout Cyprus but worldwide.

The expertise and professionalism of our personnel and our international associate’s networks ensure that we equip our clients with all the relevant multi-jurisdictional corporate solutions related to the issues within the rules of the business sector.

Worldwide Formation of Companies, Management and Administration of Companies, Provision of Professional Directors, Provision of Nominee Shareholders, Trustee Services, Establishment of Trusts and Foundations.

Introduced to remove pressure from the client's organization when dealing with complex banking and finance issues. Our relationship with major banks, in Cyprus and abroad, allow us to offer assistance in opening bank accounts for companies in most jurisdictions.

We provide international companies with holistic and seamless administration services that remove the stress of running an offshore corporation and instead allow them to focus on growing their business. Our clients can remain assured that their company is in the hands of an experienced professional team that will take care of their business.


We can provide a full range of outsourced professional accounting services for small and large offshore corporations. Our fully licensed accounting team can prepare and submit all the essential documents required by authorities that govern business practice.

Some basic finance services include:
  • Maintaining Financial Statements
  • Audit and assurance
  • Tax and VAT compliance
  • Tax returns
  • Corporation tax
  • Company secretarial
  • Tax Planning (international)
  • Employers' support & payroll



Reduce your company’s financial risk with a Special Purpose Vehicle – a subsidiary firm with its own legal status and balance sheet.

Cyprus has become a leading jurisdiction for the establishment of special purpose vehicles through its favorable legal structure and tax regime’s international status. Our Cyprus law firm, Mylonas Law, provides SPVs to international clients wishing to set up structures for the management of financial assets.

The benefits of Cyprus in establishing SPVs include:

Strong Legal Framework

Cyprus has a favorable legal and regulatory environment which recognizes the concept of trusts. The establishment of a trust is a very straightforward process that provides strict confidentiality and anonymity to the clients.

Favorable Tax Regime

Cyprus sustains one of the most attractive corporate tax regimes in the European Union with a corporation tax rate at 12.5% and double tax treaties with over 55 countries.

All double tax treaties that Cyprus has after the introduction of the new Article 26 of the OECD Model Tax Treaty, concerning the exchange of information between treaty partners, have fully complied with the revised Article 26.

Especially noteworthy is the fact that Cyprus offers one of the most attractive Intellectual Property tax regimes in Europe with a generous 80% exemption of the worldwide royalty income.

The OECD includes Cyprus on its “White List” as one of the countries that have implemented internationally agreed standards relating to taxation, and of whom fully comply with the EU Code of Conduct Business Taxation and the EU Tax Directives.

International Position and EU Membership

As Cyprus is a member of the OECD and European Union, it provides an ideal onshore location for investors and companies locating an SPV. As an OECD / EU state, Cyprus offers a robust corporate and legal framework with a favorable tax regime.


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