"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way!"

AMG Mylonas & Associates, LLC is an independent, dynamic, award-winning entrepreneurial law firm based in Limassol, Cyprus. Our law practice is one of the new generations of Cyprus law firms, built on delivering meticulous personal attention and unflagging dedication to individuals and corporations seeking high quality legal services.
Mylonas Law is focuses on areas of Cypriot law related to business, commercial activity and corporate law and is committed to providing its clients with outstanding, highly personalized, legal representation, in the areas of Commercial and Corporate, Renewable Energy, Trust and Asset Protection, Tax Planning, and Commercial Litigation.

We are more than just a traditional law firm. We think differently, we are innovative problem solvers but, most of all, we are great listeners,” says Managing Partner Andreas Mylonas. “What differentiates us from other firms is that we provide personalized services for high-end clients; lawyers are exclusively the ones who are dealing with customer’s requests; and we deliver services in a short time, under tight deadlines.”

Our Philosophy

We act as a "single window" for legal matters, both in Cyprus and internationally, for business and corporations. Our approach to the legal practice is to focus exclusively on providing an effective and value-added solution to our clients’ affairs. Our law practice services are tailored to our client’s individual needs, aiming to achieve their unique objectives by providing a new value proposition.

Whether legal advice, tax planning advice, corporate structuring advice, or just the formation of a Cyprus company or of an offshore company, these are services that we are able to offer efficiently and directly. By placing all legal and related services under one umbrella we are also able to offer a better financial outcome for our clients.

We are enthusiastic highly motivated lawyers, deeply passionate about what we do, thinking beyond tomorrow, specializing, and creating an even more sustainable value and competitive advantage for our clients. Our Cyprus law firm’s culture is based on a "can-do" attitude which we feel that it certainly benefits our clients. We tackle all obstacles with the aim of reaching our customer’s goals and presenting them with a clear competitive advantage in all legal matter.


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